Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sex In The City Take Two

First, if there is anyone that does not know what Sex In The City is then heaven help your soul. In a nutshell basically the series is about a group of women who live in New York City and they go through life's roller coaster of experiences with men, fashion, men and well some things that I am not sure I can say.

I put together a movie about what I thought of the film and to give a visual aid to what the characters stand for. Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sex In The City

This picture is taken from kimberlyfaye from flickr.

Some people say that television series can’t successfully be turned into movies. Even though this film is technically suppose to be about what happens after the last episode from television I found it to be somewhat satisfying. I must say that I am a huge fan from the television series so once again I should state this in the begging so you know where I am coming from. First, if there is anyone that does not know what Sex In The City is then heaven help your soul. In a nutshell basically the series is about a group of women who live in New York City and they go through life’s roller coaster of experiences with men, fashion, men and well some things that I am not sure I can say. But basically this show was worshiped by women all over the world because every woman could find something they could relate with that one of the characters might have gone through in the show. There is more information on the television show if you want just type the name of the television show in Google bar and the rest will be revealed. But for the case of this post I am focusing on the movie, and not the television series. So, as I was saying about the film the end of the television series leaves the viewers somewhat on the edge of what really happens to the characters?

The film takes off after some time where the series ends and basically wraps up what happens to all the characters that devoted fans were dying to see. Personally, the film is very long so remember to take a bathroom break when needed. The girls of the show Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha all come together in this great film which I would say ends on a great note. I don’t want to spoil the movie but I have to say that the movie made me laugh at the crazy things the characters do such as when watching the film pay attention to Charlotte in the part where the girls go on a vacation. Or the times when the film reminds me of what friendships really mean. Being there when times are good like when Carrie plans the wedding to her perfect man Big (yes that is his name in the film) and things don’t always go as she dreamed. Friends are their to pick up the pieces and I really suggest watching this movie at a “girl’s night” or for a “girl’s movie marathon” time.

Other mentions: This film has been reviewed by a lot of people on the internet but I would like to add a few mentions. First, there is another sequel of this film being mentioned and I am not sure of the exact release day. Second, if you are a female and have not seen this movie please give it a chance! Even if you have not watched the television series which is really long, at the beginning of the film there is kind of a mind refresher where the movie states what happens to the characters before so you will not be completely lost. So please watch this movie and do not judge it at face value. The film will not solve world hunger, but it might solve the problem of wanting to watch a movie that leaves you feeling good after watching it.

In a nutshell: Sex In The City is a fun film for the women out there that have not seen it or simply want to watch it again. Ultimately, this is a film that Sarah Jessica Parker fans must watch to see how far she has come as an actor. But this film is also about having a fun time watching a movie and being able to watch this film with some close girlfriends or even watching it with your mother if you are brave enough.

Movie companions:
• Invite some girlfriends over
• Order some take out, or cook if you posses the skill to do so
• Get some cocktails ready or beverages (alcohol is only recommended for those of you that are old enough, which I am guessing is a good chunk of the women who would watch this film). I would recommend making the shows classic Cosmopolitans.
• Have a movie night!
• Call it “Girls who kick @#%” or “Girls you wish you knew in real life” or just be creative with the name.

Movie recommendations to watch along with Sex In The City are:
• Failure To Launch
• Pretty Woman
• Charlie’s Angels
• Dirty Dancing
• For a darker side watch The Women

Treats to have by your fingertips:
• A big drink preferably a Cosmopolitan.
• Chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles

Cosmo picture taken by ktylerconk from flickr.

And of course, last but not least, remember to enjoy Sex In The City!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Horton Hears A Who!

Some people say that this movie is just for kids, but I disagree. This movie is great fun for all ages. I must confess that this film does a fantastic job of taking a Dr. Seuss book and bringing it to life. Starring the titular elephant, the film begins with Horton miraculously hearing a cry for help from this tiny, tiny, tiny sized “speck,” as they call it in the film. Horton takes it upon himself to rescue the speck and then realizes that he was not imagining the cries after all; they are actually emanating from a small town called Whoville contained on the speck. Despite his eager efforts to convince others in his giant-sized world of the existence of the Whos, Horton is met with skepticism and ridicule. Along the way he learns some important morals and though I don’t want to spoil the movie, the film really does teach kids a few lessons that are still important even today. The end of the movie is uplifting, I promise, but you just have to watch it to find out what happens. The film takes the viewer through sad times and happy times, and don’t be surprised if your stomach hurts after the movie from laughing a lot (and not because you had too much candy).

This picture is taken by Perry Marco from Flickr.

Other mentions: The film’s animation is truly fantastic and the characters suck a person right in. Jim Carrey was a perfect choice as the voice for Horton because he really embodies the character. Other talented actors lending their voices include Steve Carell as the honorable mayor of Whoville, and Carol Burnett, to name a few. Whether you are a Jim Carrey fan, or just want to watch a fantastic family friendly animated film, you won’t be disappointed.

In a nutshell: Horton Hears a Who! is great fun for all ages, and don’t be afraid to laugh out loud! The film is sure to uplift anyone who is feeling blue because one can’t help but fall in love with this movie. Ultimately, this story is about remembering what it is like to believe the unbelievable and what real friends will do for each other.

Movie companions: Invite some friends over and have a movie night! Call it “movies for kids, but amusing for adults” or whatever you wish.

Movie recommendations to watch along with Horton Hears A Who! are: Finding Nemo, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, and Shrek.

Treats to have by your fingertips:
• A big bowl or bag of fluffy popcorn
• A box (or bag) of your favorite candy (I recommend strawberry sour straws and peanut M&M’s).
• Water or soda that satisfies your taste buds
• If you are not a candy lover, try some chocolate chip cookies and milk.
And of course, last but not least, remember to enjoy Horton Hears A Who!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead

Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead, released in 1991 is a movie for people that want a movie with a plot that is not overly too meaningful. Starring Christina Applegate, the film focuses on the exploits of the Crandell children who are left in the care of a horrible babysitter while their mother takes a summer vacation to Australia. Shortly after the story begins, the children, fed up with the cruel treatment they are receiving from their babysitter, Mrs. Sturak, hatch a plan to confront her. After they discover that she has passed away, the children are left to fend for themselves.

Over the course of the movie the siblings bond together while Sue Ellen (Applegate) seeks a job to fund their survival over the summer. I am a bit of a Christina Applegate fan, so my opinion may be a bit biased, but I felt that she did a great job in this movie. Her character goes through some ups-and-downs that as a girl I can relate to, even though the wardrobe is a bit dated since the movie came out a while ago. The clothing may have seemed hip and cool back then, but is definitely out of style by now, which is something that the fashion conscious may have to simply tune out.

Co-starring with Applegate is Joanna Cassidy in the role of Rose Linsdey, Sue Ellen’s boss at a fashion company in the city. Cassidy’s style of taking an emotion and running with it I felt helped this movie a lot. She is very expressive, like when she is ecstatic and her smile conveys how excited or happy she is. She really lets the viewer know how her character feels at all times.

Also appearing in the movie is Keith Coogan as Sue Ellen’s brother Kenny. At the beginning of the film he is a complete stoner who manages to avoid the domineering path of Mrs. Sturak, the babysitter, but gradually over the course of the movie becomes a more developed person with individual thoughts and even helps the family clean the house. The scenes between him and Sue Ellen are great, and he even manages to steal the spotlight a few times through his dialogue, like when he is learning to cook and complains that the casserole he was making is a mess because she didn’t call him.

In a nutshell: Is this movie Oscar worthy? Not really, but if you are looking for a fun movie to turn on and enjoy without having to do a whole lot of thinking, microwave yourself some popcorn, open a box of your favorite candy, and enjoy Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.